[sticky] how to create a sucessful clan or community

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[sticky] how to create a sucessful clan or community Empty [sticky] how to create a sucessful clan or community

Post  DarkYoshi on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:19 am

to create a succesful clan or community you will need to first make the thread
wait for me to post saying i approve this clan

ok then you will need to edit your post to post clan info and if you are waring and if you are a community or clan. also you will need to make a application
mii name:
Activeness on the forums:
activeness on MKW:

you will need to have at least
2 leaders, 3 co leaders, and at least 10 members

please put if you are recruiting thanks

dont be serious all the time/joke around sometimes.

make you thread interesting
make it so no other clan or community has.

clan wars
please post if you are warring or not thanks

if you record a video it would tell people how good your community or clan is.

Happy Claning Very Happy

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