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Post  DarkYoshi on Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:02 pm

Here are the rules of the forums. Please obey them or you can get banned.
1.NO Spamming: this is one of our main rules no spamming whats so ever.
2.NO Swearing: Swearing is not allowed on the forums. if you do you will either get a warning or get banned
3.NO double or triple posting: this isnt allowed because it is also classified and spam
4.NO Advertising: no advertising on the forums please
5.Alternate account trying to avoid banning: no alternate account please. this is our number one rule and if not followed you will be in a lot of trouble with me.
6.NO Signatures with porn: no porn or illegal images that show innapropiate images are not allowed
7.NO posts about porn: or i will delete those posts and lock the thread and you will be dealt with harshly
8.NO insulting members or flaming: fighting is not allowed and insulting members isnt either.
9. NO Bullying Other Members: If you are being bullyied notify me immediatly and the username of the person bullying you and i will ban them for you.
these are the rules we will come up with more in the future

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