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NEW Training Method I Found Empty NEW Training Method I Found

Post  DarkYoshi on Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:13 pm

i found a new training method only pokemon heart gold and soul silver. Sorry but it requires sabrina the saffron city gym rematch which is only for heart gold and soul silver. Any way i found a method involving sabrina the saffron city gym leader. You will need:
lvl 100 staraptor that knows u-turn
her number on pokegear
and whatever pokemon you are wanting to train

Well here is how it works:
you call her and battle her at the fighting dojo in saffron city. Make sure you have staraptor first in your party. Battle her and use u-turn on here first pokemon it faints staraptor comes back to you and send out your wanting to train pokemon. It will faint and your trained pokemon will get all of the EXP because staraptor is lvl 100 and cant gain any more EXP. Keep doing this on all of her pokemon they will level up really fast. I did this and i had a lvl 1 togepi that i breeded and now its a lvl 100 togekiss.( i kept battling her all the time) I Hope I Helped Out You Guys

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